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  • What/Who is Paint on Purpose?
    Paint on Purpose is a Mobile Paint and Sip Company. We are completely mobile, which means that we come to you. We service Metro Atlanta and Surrounding areas within a 35 mile radius. We offer an array of paint activities and services for people of all ages, backgrounds, social or professional affiliation.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We service Metro Atlanta and Surrounding areas, within a 35 mile radius from the center. We are more than happy to provide services to customers outside of the our service perimeter for an additional fee.
  • Who makes up Paint On Purpose?
    Everyone. Our events are frequently themed and draws participants based on such. We strive to have activities to cover the interests of all while providing a great time, maintaining class and professional service.
  • I cant make the event, can I give my ticket to a friend/family?"
    Yes of course. In cases such as this a paper or electronic ticket is required, for the person replacing the original ticket holder. We will not be able to accept verbal confirmations at the door without prior notice.
  • What happens if I missed an event/class?
    If you are unable to make an event, we highly encourage you to forward the ticket to another that will be able to attend. We will be able to provide you an event CREDIT, under the condition that cancellation was made within 7 days of the event. A full refund will be offered to those cancelling within 14 days.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Notice: Days from event 0-6 days= No refund or credit 7-13 days= Credit 14+= Full Refund or Credit Option
  • What is the minimum attendee requirement for private parties?
    The minimum attendee requirement is dependent on party type. Please see below: Adults: 12 Seniors: 10 Kids: 15 (this can include adults/parents) Please ask about group rates and pricing.
  • How long is typical privately hosted paint party?
    Most parties last in the range from 2-3 hours. Prices quoted are for 2 hours. Time is of the essence, and having guests arrive on time is imperative. Additionally, we will require 45 minutes of set-up/prep time.
  • What is the minumum age requirement for private children parties
    5 years old
  • Are tables and chairs included?
    We offer inclusive seating to accomadate the party mimimum. For example, the minimum seating for an adult party is "12", so we ensure that the minimum seating is met. Extra tables and chairs are available, but not included in the price for larger parties. Tables Seating Information: 6ft Rectangular Tables: Seats 4-5 adults depending on canvas size 6ft Rectangular Tables: Seats 4-6 children We occassionally run all inclusive specials where this will be the case. Join our mailing list to stay abreast of special deals and coupons.
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